Safety Control

You and your children's safety is of utmost importance to us. We have a number of safety measures to ensure an incident-free event:
  • Quality Control - We regularly inspect, maintain and clean our inflatables to ensure they are up to standard to be hired out. Furthermore, when adding to our range we buy high quality items including quality brands such as Ninja Jump Castles made in the USA.
  • Safety Mats and PPE - We supply additional protection for participants to minimise any injury.
  • First Aid Certificate – Many of our Supervisors have a current First Aid Certificate &/or are student nurses.
  • Bluecard Holder - The Supervisor supplied by the Bounce House &/or the Director employing them has a valid blue card. (Working with children police check) for added peace of mind.
  • Checklist The Bounce House will identify with the client's assistance any risks on site, above, on and below the ground.
  • Risk Management – We have written risk assessments for our amusements. All rides have some risks and hazards so we ensure the severity of any possible injuries are kept to an absolute minimum and their likelihood of occurrence as low as possible.
  • Supervision - Our supervisors are trained in minimising risk. Instructions are also provided to customers where self-supervision is permitted.

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