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Safety Control

It is the requirement of the owner & operator of the jumping castle to:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of supervision and other preventative measures to ensure a safe environment for all participants, spectators and staff.
  2. Develop a risk assessment and provide training to supervisors before they commence supervision
  3. Know how to identify, assess and manage any hazards to ensure a safe environment
  4. Maintain a hazard identification and management checklist

The Bounce House regularly inspect their inflatables to ensure they are up to standard to be hired out. A copy of the list of Hazards and Risks that The Bounce House adheres to include:
  • First Aid Certificate – Many of our Supervisors have a current First Aid Certificate &/or are student nurses.
  • Business Bluecard Holder - The Supervisor supplied by the Bounce House &/or the Bounce House as their employer has had a police check and is permitted to work and be around children. Added peace of mind.
  • Checklist The Bounce House will identify with the client's assistance any risks on site, above, on and below the ground. We take fun seriously..
  • Risk Management – We have written risk assessments for our amusements. All rides have some risks and hazards so we ensure the severity of any possible injuries are kept to an absolute minimum and their likelihood of occurrence as low as possible.